Sinus Lift & Grafting

A sinus lift and graft is a procedure that is performed to augment bone mass in the upper jaw which increases the likelihood of successful placement of dental implant. If you have been missing teeth in the upper posterior area of the mouth for a long period of time the sinus often will fill that area making it impossible to place an implant. Due to lack of bone a CT scan will determine if you need a sinus lift or graft prior to placement of your implants.

An incision is made in the gum tissue and access to the sinus is made through the bone. The sinus is gently lifted with special instruments and bone grafting material is placed in this vacant area.

It usually takes 5-6 months to generate adequate bone growth, then we are ready to place implants. Most patients have relatively minimal discomfort for this procedure for most patients.

Please view the patient education video below for sinus lift and graft and refer to post surgery instructions for this procedure.

Click here to view educational video; select ‘Implants’ then ‘Sinus Grafting with Implant Placement’.

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